You’ve been training for this your whole life. In the car. In the shower. Infront of your bedroom mirror. Now it’s time to put all that practice to good use, and bring home the TRAP Karaoke TRAPPIE Award for your city.

Sign up instructions will go out via email 1-2 days before the event to everyone whopurchased a ticket. If you don’t see it in your inbox, check your spam folder.


1. Follow us on instagram HERE

2. Turn on post notifications (click those 3 dots in the top right corner of our Instagram profile, and choose “turn on post notifications”)

3. You’ll get a push notification when the list opens on the date and time specified in the email. The signup link will be in our Instagram bio.

4. Slots are limited, so move FAST. First come, first serve. Please note: with limited slots and over 1,000+ people trying to sign up, the sign up list typically fills up in seconds. If you see “unavailable,” it means all the slots have already been claimed.

5. This is a 4 hour event. Obviously, not everyone will be able to make it on stage. But If you didn’t get a performance slot, don’t fret. Throughout the night, we’ll be picking performers from the crowd as “WILDCARDS.” What can you do to get picked? Be at the front of the stage and have tons of energy. Moreover, TRAP Karaoke is about personal empowerment, cultural participation, cherished moments, community, and creating a safe space for human connection. ou don’t have to make it on stage to have fun at TRAP Karaoke.

PRO TIP: The best way to guarantee a great performance is to perform a song that you already know ALL the words to, like THIS GUY. Because at TRAP Karaoke, we know our words, so PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.

Check out the TRAP Karaoke Survival Guide for tips on giving a TRAPPIE Award worthy performance.