6/10 TRAP Karaoke: NOLA Edition

Sep 20 2018
House of Blues [Powered by BET Awards]


TRAP Karaoke: NOLA Edition – Powered By the BET Awards.

This event is FREE w/ RSVP.  Tix will be released 6/6 @6PM est.

How can you ensure you get a ticket?

1. Text yourself Crescendo

2. Download the app

3. You’ll get a push notification when tickets are released, so you won’t miss out. It’s that easy.

The 2016 BET Awards airs live Sunday, June 26th @ 8PM EST.

Text me crescendo



Wanna hit the stage?

There are 15 performance slots. If you’re among the first 15 people to sign up, you will be called to the stage. Once we get through the sign up list, we’ll start picking performers from the crowd. This isn’t Tuesday night karaoke at the bar, ok lol? This is TRAP Karaoke.  For tips on how to take home our TRAP Grammy, check out the TRAP Karaoke: Survival Guide.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Text yourself Crescendo
  2. Make sure to download the app. You will need it to get the push notification
  3. 3 days before the event we’ll send out a push notification w/ the sign up list
  4. Follow the instructions in the push notification.
  5. There are only 15 performance slots. First come, first serve, so move fast!




We’re taking song requests! Let us know which songs you’d like to sing.